June 4, 2023


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Rey Mysterio attacks his son Dominic with the help of rap star Bad Bunny

Rey Mysterio takes down his son Dominic at WrestleMania 39 with the help of rap star Bad Bunny while Prison Dom takes a slap from his mother on the way to a crushing loss

By Alex McCarthy for Mailonline

03:52 02 Apr 2023 Updated at 03:52 02 Apr 2023

Dominik Mysterio was trying to usurp his legendary father Rey, but failed to take on a bona fide living legend at WrestleMania 39 – with a little help from Bad Bunny.

Dominic entered from the back of a police truck and exited with a lucha libre mask on his face, for the first time in his career.

It wasn’t long before he dethroned him, but the message was clear: Doom Prison was here to take everything from his father.

Rey Mysterio decided anything you can do, I can do better. The luchador legend appeared in Low Racer with Snoop Dogg with the voice of Eddie Guerrero’s Viva La Raza.

The match started with some tough exchanges which Dominic got the better of.

Dominik Mysterio failed in his attempt to rape his legendary father Rey at WrestleMania 39
The match started with some tough exchanges which Dominic got the better of

A Hurricane from Rey served as the first batter of the match and the newly minted Hall of Famer began to gain the upper hand.

He even took off his belt and whipped his son, but that resulted in Dominic stepping outside and throwing a drink in his sister’s face at ringside.

This angered his father, but it also gave Dom the opportunity to take over.

Once Dominic made the mistake of wanting to mock his family again, his mother Angie squirted the bait out of his mouth and Rey was able to start dictating the beat again.

Doomsday made its way to ringside and made their presence felt after hitting Ray Doom with his patent 619.

Legado Del Fantasma – the new LWO with Rey Mysterio – countered Rey and took Judgment Day, but this gave Dominic the opportunity to nail his father with a 619.

He followed that up with a Frog Splash, but Rey managed to knock out legendary player Eddie Guerrero.

Dom went to the series to take his dad down, but rap sensation Bad Bunny made sure his Latino counterpart couldn’t land the slam dunk.

That enabled Rey to hit his 619 second, and one, two, three on his estranged son.

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