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Reviews of Neue Blu-ray: ua “The Attack” and “Boss Level”

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Reviews of Neue Blu-ray: ua “The Attack” and “Boss Level”

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It’s Wednesday again and as always this week’s day, we’re glad to bring you once again a summary of the latest Blu-ray reviews from last week. This time it starts with a review Jorn Bumblitz At the addressattack”. At the conclusion of his detailed review, he said: “… a harsh, high-paced action, coupled with an exciting story and frantic visuals, takes the viewer on a business trip of approximately two hours. Especially the sometimes disorganized action of the camera and constant changes to ‘image sources’ ensure that you need To a great deal of stamina.The tender story in which Korea and America struck an economic deal, as well as the initially unsympathetic characters, also contributes to the fact that viewers need some time to gain something from the movie that is compensated for by well-organized action sequences afterwards. And it makes up the main part. The picture and sound are convincing on a solid level, even if you have to settle for many stylistic elements, especially with regard to the optics. The extras are present – in the true sense of the word – only in a fast run – here you really could have imagined something better that could leave everyone. The main film, however, offers nearly non-stop action, with a few sections to sniff out – certainly not for everyone, but it is definitely worth looking into the next men’s movie evening. ”


Also from Yorn Is review titleLeader levelHere he concludes: “… With“ Boss Level ”action fans can expect fireworks of good humor, full of hilarious dialogue, with a sympathetic lead actor and lots of excitement. When you do, the story is always watched, and despite the high tempo, no Still takes time to develop character and family relationships – Frank Grillo manages to easily pull the viewer at his side. However, fans of Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts have to spend a little time on screen for their favorites, but both actors put on excellent performances. With a large chunk of “Deadpool” you can. Enriching the theme of the temporal episode in a very entertaining way, so that there are always funny insights into the world of the main character’s thought. Despite the strength of the film’s entertainment value, its artistic execution weakens: because the image and sound were more possible nowadays. Whether that was higher contrast and better details In optics, as well as more surround effects and stronger subwoofer support for audio – here you only get solid execution. The same goes for plugins, which unfortunately only consist of a short, somewhat not surprising setup, and some program information. Now Haya, the main movie itself and its execution in terms of content should be on top and that alone should make the movie an honest movie for every action fan – because humorous and action packed entertainment is very important here, so you should consider expanding it into a franchise. “How do we always wish you a lot of pleasure reading the current and detailed reviews on bluray-disc.de and we hope we can provide you a little support in our tests when making a purchase or loan decision. (Q)

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