January 25, 2022


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Reviews are for Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise PC port

Reviews are for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise PC port

Build: Capcom

Monster Hunters Rise It was definitely one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives of 2021, and while Capcom isn’t going to slow support for that version anytime soon, it will be launching a PC port on Steam in a few days.

If you’re a little curious about what the PC version of the game looks like, we’ve rounded up quite a few reviews comparing this version to the Switch version. Although there are obvious improvements in terms of accuracy and performance in the PC version, the lack of cross-support is definitely a disappointment.

When Rise first launched on Switch in 2021, we gave it nine stars out of ten. Here is our video review:

So what do critics say about the PC version of the game? Continue reading…

ribbed He summed up the PC version as a different way to play, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it for existing gamers:

Without cross-saving between Switch and PC or graphics that enhance what gamers already have on a mobile platform, it’s hard to understand why someone would spend hundreds of hours on to double The ship will jump for steam.

“Monster Hunter Rise” A computer is just another way to play a great game. And while that’s great news for PC gamers who’ve never bought their way into the Nintendo ecosystem, its graphics don’t impress even on the most amazing hardware.

player He said it was a “definitive version” of the game and praised it as a huge leap in quality over the Switch version, but admitted that it failed when it was placed next to the previous entry. monster hunter world. Nor was he satisfied with the exclusion of cross-play support. His base streak was four stars out of five.

“New 4K textures add a lot of detail to monsters and the increased frame rate makes every fight smoother and more intense. Even if you’ve played the Switch version, Rise will feel like a whole new game on PC” in so many ways.… If you’ve played the mobile game Rise a lot on the Switch, you’ll see things on the PC version that you haven’t seen before. “

On the other hand, if you’re from World, Rise is kind of a mixed bag… There’s no denying that Rise is a Switch game. Now that it’s possible to compare World and Rise side-by-side on PC, it’s amazing How abstract and boring Rise is.The areas are mostly flat arenas, functionless and empty compared to the complex and highly detailed environments of the world.

WCCftech.com Finds World is a nicer game too, but I liked the less challenging nature of Rise on PC. He also agrees that this is one of the “best console-to-computer ports” of recent times, rating it at nine out of ten:

“When released on the Nintendo Switch console, Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t look quite as good as Monster Hunter World, although the different art direction doesn’t make the differences between the two games that much worse. A less demanding game and still looks great, thanks.” This means that most PC gamers will have no problem running it at high frame rates. Powered by i7-10700 processor, RTX 3070 GPU and 16GB of RAM, the game runs smoothly at 4K and 120fps at max settings.

“The fact that Monster Hunter Rise works so well isn’t the only thing that makes it one of the best console-to-PC ports we’ve seen lately. The game has very broad support and plenty of support. Various graphics settings, from toggling HD textures to various shadow options including It dynamic shadows and gears, the level of detail settings and anti-aliasing options, etc., graphics memory and processor load that allow to adjust all parameters to achieve the best balance between graphics quality and incredibly simple performance.”

computer player There were also nine out of ten with similar comparisons of the world and how the game plays now:

“Rise was originally developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, of course, and while this PC version is a great port with everything you’d expect, it doesn’t have the same immediate visual factor.” Wow “Than World. I don’t compete in things like decorations or cool animations made specifically for monsters competing against each other… The thing is, Rise is the best game.”

“…Of course, it could have been a Nintendo Switch game in the original, and show up visually. But whatever that is, because it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that Monster Hunter Rise is better than the series has ever been. Which is to say: the best it can be” .

NME Equally impressed and called it the “ultimate version” but wondered why people would double up if there was no multiplayer support:

Of course, even if you don’t have a more complex display like Ultra Wide (which is also supported), play to double On PC, the Switch version will always outperform. “

“…who knows, if owners of sufficiently contrasting PCs and switches block their wallets from the already simple double-dip, it could lead to Capcom finding a way to save money later.”

This is just a selection of reviews for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom also revealed how it did it last week Contains special screen filters.

Check out the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise or stick with the Nintendo Switch version? Tell us in the comments.

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