February 22, 2024


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Reviewed by Hyoley Togawa – Children

Reviewed by Hyoley Togawa – Children

On behalf of viola player Hyouli Togawa, thirteen vocal artists create new treasures on the theme of childhood.

Japanese-Australian violinist Hyouli Togawa asked thirteen composers from a variety of countries to write pieces dealing with the theme of childhood. The result is the hybrid SACD, which can be described as a treasure trove of contemporary treasures. It is surprising how simply and intelligibly contemporary composers can write when they do not have to live up to the standards of the avant-garde. Their styles are very different. Many used melodies or songs from their childhood as a model, while others set small imaginary scenes to music or wove sound mats on which one could sleep peacefully. None of it is boring, on the contrary: it is a great pleasure to listen to the repertoire that Hyuli Togawa, who recently became a mother, combined with some Allemandes pieces from Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites.

© Anne Horniman

Hyuli Togawa

Hyuli Togawa

Works by Hosokawa, J.S. Bach, Dodier, Razzaz, Lille, Geiger, Bova and others

Hyuli Togawa (viola), Kiveli Dorin (piano), Alexei Gerasimiz (percussion)

The repertoire of percussionist Alexei Gerasimez, born in Essen in 1987, ranges between classical and new music, jazz, minimalist music and his own compositions. As a soloist he works with orchestras such as…More

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