April 2, 2023


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Review: “Wonder Woman – The Wonder Woman of This World”

A slightly different comic book from the DC world, in our review.

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Women have changed the world and they have done so for centuries. Now, New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson brings together women and non-binary writers and artists to present the women who make our world a better place every day. Real-world heroines who embody Wonder Woman’s core values: her strength, compassion, and commitment to truth, equality, and justice.


Strictly speaking, “The Wonderful Women of this World” isn’t a book about Wonder Woman — Diana doesn’t appear at all. Wonder Women are introduced here who have somehow affected society or become symbols for other reasons.

Each story is created by a different artist and of course there are some big differences here. Overall, one could say that the characters are well beaten, but the backgrounds consist mostly of monochromatic areas. This is not necessarily harmful at this point, as we mentioned, these women are supposed to be on top and so attention is also drawn to that.

As mentioned, women who make a difference or otherwise become known are introduced here. Names like Beyoncé or Greta Thunberg must mean something to most people, but there are also names like Malala Yousafazi that might not be as well known. Although in this case it must be mentioned that she is the Pakistani student who was attacked because she went to school. With this background knowledge, many will likely by now say they have at least heard of her.

And also there are many other names in this folder, too many to list here. Not only are women from the present, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, introduced, but some of them date back to the 1970s or even longer. Even then, the foundations of women’s rights and equality were laid, which still reverberate today. The rights of people with disabilities are also addressed in this volume and some demos and other events from the past are highlighted, as well as the personalities behind them.

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Sure, transgenderness and homosexuality play a role here too, but they’re only dealt with on a smaller scale (there are already volumes about this, like DC Pride). However, it is of course important to have an actor present as a storyteller. Some of the stories are very moving and convey important messages that are of course still important today. Since they are all true stories – that is, what happened – their significance cannot be denied and the comedy is a fitting tribute.

Also, as mentioned, going into each person and story presented here is beyond the scope of this article – because that’s really too much (I think I counted about 24!). But if you already loved Pride volumes, you’re in good hands here, too. And if you want to read something about strong women — and yes, regardless of gender — too. Overall, this volume can definitely be recommended to anyone who wants to be inspired.