December 7, 2023


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Review the arrival of the episode The Shining Valley Pilot

The cast of Shining Vale (c) Starz

A wonderful, well-preserved former villa in the Connecticut countryside for sale relatively cheap (however, there is an amount that takes a long time to write in the writing guild). Be silent about the fact that you are not the only resident there.

The Phelps family from Brooklyn is a perfectly normal clan (at least by some standards today): Mama Patricia (Courtney Cox, Friends) is an obsessive alcoholic writer with writer’s block, Daddy Terry (Greg Kinnear,”kiosk‘) high posture tends to the sweet talk, daughter of Gaynor (Gosperny,”Dickinson“) the typical teenage girl who is embarrassed by her in-laws and her son Jake (Dylan Gage,”Street of Fear Part 2”) a socially prohibited player.

After Mama Pat’s sexual adventure, the Phelps family decides to start over in an old Connecticut mansion off the beaten path. Until a differently-named village of Shining Vale from excited (forced) parents and unmotivated sons is expected: there is a mysterious encounter with a young girl in old clothes standing in the middle of the street in a minute. He suddenly disappeared after Daddy’s sharp brake maneuver, which he dismissed as a close encounter with a deer (after all, the antlers can look like little bows on a baby’s dress).

Even after arriving at the new house, the new beginning doesn’t go well: Patricia notices a supposed new neighbor in front of the door, who disappears the next moment just like the little girl and who later appears again with a bleak oracle. At least on her first day alone in the new house, when Pat desperately needs to write her new novel, which she has already paid for, she must realize that her family has apparently been sold along with the house and its inhabitants. Shadow realms, which her husband of the gods again rejects because he rejects the effects of the local fauna. Is he right about that and about to become psychic like her mother, or is the old building (not sooo) already haunted?

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famous role model

The title alone says it all: The new horror comedy series Shining Vale, which has been on Special Interest Starz since March 5, 2022 (bookable via Amazon Prime), cannot and does not want to deny its top models, first of all, the Stanley Kubrick adaptation of Stephen King’s horror story”shining‘, where in 1980 Jack Nicholson as writer Jack Torrance, who also suffered from writer’s block, became an icon of horror on his walk with a cleaver through the corridors of a remote mountain hotel.

Here you can book Starz via Amazon Prime Video

However, in Shining Vale, it’s not the father of the family who awaits the inspiring kiss, but the mother, who has been no less damaged by various quirks than Torrance once was. As can be easily seen from the style of this review, Shining Vale doesn’t take itself as seriously as Kubrick did 42 years ago and mixes the script with a bit of sarcasm with sarcastic undertones. After a few moments, it becomes clear that we are not dealing with a full-fledged parody, but with an obvious tongue-in-cheek variant.