December 2, 2023


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Review: “Superman 78” – TrekZone

Review: “Superman 78” – TrekZone

After Batman, Superman could also try his own sequel.

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Superman is the greatest hero of all time! He protects Metropolis and the entire world! People love and adore him! But from the depths of space, there is a massive danger: the machine that is Brainiac, who has an incredible secret that connects Superman’s home planet of Krypton, now comes to Earth to defeat the Man of Steel! To save the citizens of Metropolis, he has only one choice: surrender to the enemy supreme!


Like Batman 89 before it, Superman 78 is a direct sequel to the first Superman movie. Here, too, the successors are ignored and a very unique story is told.

In terms of graphics, the scale can’t keep up with the Batman counterpart. While one can get a sense of the cast’s similarity across the board, that doesn’t always work out for Superman. Sure, you can manage some famous faces like Christopher Reeve, but the rest of the movie crew looks dismal. It doesn’t help that the faces are mostly monochrome and have less detail.

Then there are the fight scenes, which, as usual in a Superman comic, take up a lot of space here. Although you can see all the details here too, in direct comparison to the aforementioned Batman (yes, it’s just a little dumb if you read both comics in a row), the plot falls a bit flat.

As mentioned, the story continues immediately after the first part and combines old and new legends. This is how Brainiac arrives on Earth, and Clark’s parents are still alive in Kandor, the City of Bottles. But first he must ask Lex Luthor for help. Of course, he’s just so happy to let that melt in his mouth. It’s also a good thing that some references to the second cinematic movie were included, even if that probably means something to die-hard fans.

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But that’s not all, Superman must be true to his word here and surrender to Brainiac in exchange for sparing Earth. Of course, this is quite typical for a Superman movie, but in the end he loses something because of course Brainiac breaks his word. Well, it’s actually Lex Luthor’s fault for returning Coluan to Earth and the escape planning happened beforehand, so it doesn’t seem like Superman meant exactly what he said.

But the scenes between Clark and his real parents are among the highlights of the strip, as they are genuinely proud of their son. As far as Kryptonian politics is concerned, Clark’s better involvement is also seen here. Everything seems to be handled quickly here and can’t really gain a foothold.

As fun as the scenes with Luthor are, they are ultimately nothing special. By the way, the scene of trying to shrink Metropolis has already been seen a lot of times, but that alone isn’t a negative criterion, as the band associates several incarnations.

It’s somewhat disturbing that the villain has to be blessed with his time again in the end. Typical superhero movie.