May 20, 2024


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Review: Subway To Sally – Ascension Day

Review: Subway To Sally – Ascension Day

with Subway to Sally The return of one of Germany’s longest-running bands. “Boardingis the name of the fourteenth studio album by Potsdam. Subway To Sally have tried all directions in their career so far, sometimes defining them themselves. “Himmelfahrt” combines this valuable experience with fresh sounds and exemplary songwriting that has been an integral part of the black scene for decades.

What You Want should already be known since it’s on YouTube. A mid-tempo track from the best tradition with “Tang auf dem Vulkan” and builds a bridge to the present.

An impressive first track. “Leinen Los” secured the hearts of fans as another previous single. This typical Subway To Sally track sounds like a “wedding” contribution and yet it sounds as fresh as one has rarely tried. The Far Sea offers some peace and quiet to breathe deeply. A gentle track that especially lives through Eric’s signature voice and creates a feel-good moment. “So Tief” takes the same line. The band uncharacteristically shows off their instrumental side, but this contribution is also unmistakably Subway To Sally. The minor break “Gaudens in domino” leads into “Gott Speaks”. An epic song about God’s thoughts and how the Creator could see our society evolve. A huge contribution that definitely belongs on the list of live broadcasts for the next round. Sally’s Subway at its absolute best. After this powerful track comes the album’s powerful song. “On the Hill” charms with its dreamy melody, while Eric’s famous voice guides through the post.

“Eisbreaker” brings back memories of the legendary album “Nord Nord Ost”. The nautical theme in relation to eternal ice is easy for Subway To Sally. Here we have a very hot contender for the title of fan favorite. The “You’ll Never Get Us” challenge heralds the final round. The up-tempo track results with the sing-along refrain and can be seen as an unofficial sequel to “Better Du Run”. The thoughtful number “Let the Sky Fall” gently returns the listener to the icy reality. This worthy conclusion to the new work fuels anticipation for the Subway To Sally album tour.

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Conclusion: Subway to Sally Simply belong to the black scene. This band has been through it all, but reinvents themselves with each album. These seemingly inexhaustible resources should accompany us for many years to come. “Ascension” is a powerful message that showcases Subway To Sally at its best.