April 2, 2023


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Review: “Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows”

The new comic volume of the upper republic is in our review.

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Something horrible and unimaginable has reduced one of the greatest Jedi Masters to dust. An ever-expanding mysterious state. But all effects end in nothing, all loose ends only lead to more loose ends. Jedi investigator Emerick Caphtor is stuck at a dead end, so he enlists the help of private investigator Sian Holt. The unlikely team must solve the case before it’s too late, as the fate of the Jedi and the galaxy hangs in the balance.


“Trail of Shadows” is a new comic from the High Republic era. It starts at the end of “The Mark of the Storm” and ends with the attack on Starlight from “End of the Jedi,” so it spans a certain amount of time. Technically, the graphic remained at the usual level, even if more comic-like graphics were used when compared to the monthly series. The backgrounds also sometimes have monochrome areas, but according to the introduction, this is intended to show a classic noir influence and emphasize the crime atmosphere. So far this works quite well and since you can also read emotions in characters, you’re on the right track here as well.

Story-wise, Jedi Emeric Capthor and detective Sian Holt band together to find out more about the mysterious creatures Jedi can turn into. Of course, there are also characters you already know from other comics and novels, like Vernestra Rwoh and Stellan Gios. And yes, even now the two detectives work together and learn to work as a team as the story progresses.

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Of course you also have to stress that some clich├ęs are presented, for example that the two become lovers. Yes, during the High Republic, Jedi were still allowed to bond. Let’s see if history shows us why in 200 years this has not happened. And yeah, it seems a little certain that the two of them got together on the mission.

What also reveals is the stalking of Dr. Uttersond find out more and also chase by Nihil. It’s nicely done in places, but it also feels a bit like a standard story. The secret of the nursery rhyme and bonding with the creatures isn’t as exciting as you might think. Only at the end does the suspense arc ramp up again, when you’re there when the Starlight station comes under attack. Because even though we know how this is going to end, the two are joining the board again.

And as you know from other stories, not every person has to live. But at this point, we don’t want to give any spoilers, so we won’t reveal if one of them gets it. Anyway, there are some good actions to be seen here, which lead to an acceptable ending.