April 2, 2023


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Review: “Star Wars 88 – Crimson Reign: Darth Vader 2”

Volume 88 of the monthly issue in our review.

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The start of a brand new OBI-WAN series!
Sweeper Tatooine Take the Great Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi It’s time to summarize and record some of the key moments in his heroic life. In the first part, we accompany him to the Jedi Temple during his youth.


In Volume 88, we are again presented with two stories. On the one hand, there is Obi-Wan’s diary, and on the other hand, the continuation of the story of Vader – Crimson Reign. Perhaps it’s also because of this dichotomy that the story doesn’t quite capture it as before.

At least there is nothing to complain about in terms of drawing technology. The characters appear plastic throughout, can show emotion in their faces and backgrounds, and the action comes into its own, especially in the battle scenes with Crimson Dawn.

In terms of work, things are a bit quieter. First, there’s the Obi-Wan part, but it’s just a throwback to the days of the Jedi’s Padawan. Here he pursues a friend who wants to save her father because of a vision. Of course there will be a fight or two.

Granted, Obi-Wan’s adherence to the rules comes into its own here, and he’s definitely more open-minded than some of his colleagues, but basically the story doesn’t offer much that’s new. Maybe also because you can’t build any relationship with Gehren Rand. It would probably have been more interesting if you’d heard about it further course (or maybe it would still be), but the story feels a little cut and half-baked.

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The same applies to the second part of Vader – Crimson Reign. Here Vader exposes Ochi and Sabé to some monsters until they agree to work for him. Do you really need this test? Or did Vader’s sadism leak from here? You know that from Palpatine.

Since Sabé also has her own plans, it might be easier to convince her to work together. Especially since Vader wants to join the Crimson Dawn – or, more likely, is pretending to. This has already become clear at the end of the last volume.

An “everyone rushes everybody” game follows, at the end of which there is a battle scene between Imperium and Dawn so Vader can get an idea of ​​the Leverage. Yes, you can do that and it will work a certain way, after all, storm troopers have always been cannon fodder, and this scenario really doesn’t want to pull off either.

Though it ends on a juicy cliffhanger this time around, too, because Sabé discovers Vader’s identity, the question is whether the sequel will deal with it or whether it will set the wrong paths again, as it is here. Indeed, Sabi’s fate must now be sealed because everyone who knows Vader’s secret is dead. OK we will see …