December 2, 2023


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Review: “She-Hulk: Gamma Fresh Start” – TrekZone Network

Review: “She-Hulk: Gamma Fresh Start” – TrekZone Network

The beginning of the new She-Hulk series in our review.

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Justice is green and gamma is strong! Jennifer Walters is suing and fighting for good as the sexy She-Hulk – and after her time with the Avengers as a lawyer and superhero, she must now make a fresh start. But that turns out to be difficult with a gruff enemy, a ruthless boss, a super fight club, and a dead avenger who suddenly appears in Jennifer’s apartment.


Just in time for the series’ debut on Disney+, there’s also a new She Hulk comic, which is now also available in German. In terms of graphics, the panels are fine. So it is mainly the characters that stand out here and are placed in the greatest detail, while in the fight scenes it is noticeable that the backgrounds were mostly monochrome. This puts the focus on the fighters, but also feels a bit old-fashioned. But in general you can live with it.

In terms of story, a somewhat more subdued plot unfolds. There are action scenes, but they are usually very short. The focus here is clearly on the characters, proving once again that they can do well in the comics field. Well, first there’s a fight with Titania, Shulky’s sworn enemy, which ends in the ladies’ pact. This fit so nicely that it is fine and sets the trend for the rest of the size.

Then an old character returns, thought to be dead, but who probably only means something to most people if they really only knew the comics from 15 years ago inside and out. Some of Jack’s backstory is explained. But that doesn’t really matter, because the plot lives on here as Jack and Jane approach each other. The chemistry between the two is just right and you can definitely root for it, judging by the tagline: Will they fight each other or not? Well, it’s not just that, because like I said, Jack has to go back to his humanity first. However, the friendship between the two builds slowly and they can easily carry the sound.

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So it doesn’t really matter that some side scenes also appear, like superheroes with parking ticket problems who visit Jane. As it should be, it is short and clear, and has no exuberant or obtrusive sense of humour, and thus fits perfectly into the general work. Of course, fellow superheroes are instantly considered for cameo appearances.