June 9, 2023


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Review Sebastian Kohlhepp – On Myths and Heroes

Tenors Sebastian Kohlhepp and Andreas Friese enlighten mythical and legendary figures with sumptuous sound and nuances.

Sebastian Kohlhepp’s tenor reveals that metallic brilliance in the high register that some would rather hear in an opera singer than in an interpreter of an aria—key word: “heroic essence”. Since the CD song, which Kohlhepp recorded with his piano partner Andreas Frese, titled “Of Legends and Heroes”, has become relevant again, especially since the piano also knows how to diffuse grandiose sound. And both can be accurate too! With Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt and Emil Chorgen, they find classic male heroes from the Alpine hunter to the hidalgo, a Spanish nobleman, but also legendary figures like Lorelei. The Swede Churgen, a generation younger than Schumann and Liszt, preferred to work on medieval subjects in a late Romantic style. He is represented by six songs from Julius Wolf’s “Tannhäuser”. An interesting collection of works that illuminate each other in new ways. The fact that the booklet contains no words is a defect.

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Sebastian Kohlb

Sebastian Kohlb

Of legends and heroes
The Works of Schumann, Liszt, and Churgen

Sebastian Kohlb (tenor), Andreas Friese (piano)

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