December 2, 2023


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Review of the end of capitalism

Review of the end of capitalism

So private planning and rationing must build a bridge from capitalism to the future. Unfortunately, Hermann doesn’t explain exactly how this is supposed to work. It is doubtful whether this idea can actually be implemented. Because the situation of the British at that time was different from what we see today – in many ways. Her suggestion at least is a reminder that economists will indeed be required to develop appropriate concepts.

the fall of capitalism

The journalist manages to explain complex economic relationships in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also entertaining. Contrary to what one might expect from a trade reporter for Taz, she is not a critic of capitalism. On the contrary: she believes that capitalism has been very beneficial. What is most interesting is that of all people she not only dispels the myth of green growth, but also calls for the abolition of capitalism altogether.

“The industrialized countries are faced with an alternative that is not really an alternative.” Either you voluntarily give up growth or the growth will end violently later because the basis of life will be destroyed. In any case, capitalism will perish and a new economic order will emerge, says Ulrich Hermann. “In the future, nature will determine how much growth is possible – not the growth left by nature.”

This summary shouldn’t be good news for a lot of people. However, given the state of the data, it is a realistic view of our future. Overall, the publicist has once again succeeded in writing a cleverly analyzed book that is likely to be placed in her previous bestseller series.

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