August 7, 2022


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Review: Love for Fate - Cineuropa

Review: Love for Fate – Cineuropa

Pierre-Alain Mayer returns with an incredibly moving film about two families who struggle with their fate and his uncontrollable nature.

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motivated by the need to highlight facts that are marginalized because they are so far removed from our reality that they are addressed at best in news reports, Pierre Alain Mayer He turned his eyes to Lebanon, where 1.5 million displaced Syrians live their lives in search of solace. A place (albeit very simple) where they can stop and rediscover the hope that things can change.

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Presented at the world premiere in Freiburg International Film FestivalAnd the fate of love It is one of those films that leave an indelible mark. What amazes us, which culminates in the tragic final discovery, is the appreciation of the director, who accompanies two different families only a few days before they leave for Germany. Jumping between hope and sadness that comes with letting go of all you know, heroes the fate of love It exists for an indefinite period of time, an artificial “here and now” consisting of temporary “houses” that contain memories of a lifetime and serve as the backdrop for identical days waiting for something to change.

Without ever descending into misery, Mayer’s latest film examines the consequences of uprooting entire families and the ability for each of us to start over, weighed down by the thought of the bereaved. You can control (almost) everything, from the detailed organization of the trip to the settlement in Germany, the host country of the two families. But unfortunately, fate follows its own rules. In fact, they turned their plans upside down at the last moment and prevented one of the two groups from taking off. Germany may have been their rebirth even then, but now it is life in its hopeless simplicity that prevails.

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The director’s subtle style of portraying the daily lives of his heroes leaves room for reality as is already the case in the film’s tragic closing scenes: cruel and unexpected. The situation is getting more and more complicated, of course, but hope hovers like a thick and challenging fog over this film: in Germany, members of the host federation are looking for alternative solutions; There are attempts in Lebanon to get out of the tragedy in order to (perhaps) hope again. The film’s ending is almost clinical and relates to an emergency meeting called by the host company, as if to remind us that help at the table is incapable of fixing everything and that life with all its unexpected vicissitudes will go on unconcerned. limits or money. Caught in a constant cycle of destruction and rebuilding, heroes the fate of love You have to learn to live again.

the fate of love Produced by Thelma Film AG, which is also responsible for international distribution.

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