May 19, 2022


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Review: Katharina Hacker: "Guests" - this is the book

Review: Katharina Hacker: “Guests” – this is the book

A novel like a crazy dream.

A novel that feels like someone else’s dream. It was imagined by Katharina Hacker, who in her book “Guests” describes a future in which the epidemic has already become history, taking countless lives, but the present is no less terrifying: snipers are standing on rooftops in Berlin, shooting people indiscriminately, lions of rain falling, order The economic invades, fear of a new fever storm will prevail.

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If you still dare something: Frederick, the first-person narrator, more than fifty years old, quit her job at the Vanishing Terminology Institute and took over the café she had inherited from her grandmother. Her husband, also a scientist, said goodbye abroad, and her adopted son Florian disappeared when he came of age. Now guests enter her life instead, a meeting place for the survivors somehow, as well as a lover who travels again and again to kill wolves for exampleehlen, the big, brilliant dog Pollux. Meanwhile, in the cellar, elegantly dressed mice reenact the history of mankind…

A novel like Crazy Dream by the 2006 Book Award winner, in which you have to take part, transforming the picture of the world out of single sentences, and engaging with a first-person narrator whose perception you don’t always trust. Hacker doesn’t make it easy, but the tone in which you speak resonates.

the book: Katharina Hacker: Guests. Fisher, 256 pages, 20 euros

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