September 26, 2023


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Alphaville – Eternally Yours

Review: Alphaville – Yours Forever

Alphaville Synth’s band was considered a pioneer in the 1980s. With their songs like “Forever Young”, “Big In Japan” or Everblack “Victory Of Love”, the German band has also managed to establish itself internationally. Now is the time to rediscover yourself. To that end, the band recorded Eternally Yours with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra, giving their classics a new look.

The song “Dream Machine” comes off as hypnotic and poppy, while Babelsberg’s chords capture the magic of this song. A good editorial leads directly to “Summer in Berlin”. This track can be found on the band’s legendary album “Forever Young” and can also convince in its classic look. This fun and expressive post also makes you want to go on a summer vacation in the German capital in 2022. Even if of course Berlin has changed drastically since the 1980s. With “Big in Japan”, one of Alphaville’s most successful tracks was re-recorded. Once again the Babelsberg Film Orchestra does a great job here. The musicians created an epic new act of the famous song, thus allowing a different perspective on this ’80s anthem. The “Triumph of Love” inspired entire generations of musicians on the Gothic scene.
The new orchestral version sounds like it’s meeting an old friend. Something different and familiar. Good mood is preprogrammed here and brings back old memories. Immediately after that, the song “Sounds Like A Melody” comes out of the speakers. Significantly more flowery than the original. In fact, Alphaville made a big leap to 2022 with its famous songs. “Diamonds Are Forever” also reveals unexpected potential from Anthem in its current performance. The band hits quieter notes with “Flame”. A bit dreamy, but thanks to the orchestra, it’s worth listening to, and this track also brings a smile to the listener’s face. The official conclusion of this compilation is, how could it be otherwise, the immortal “forever young”. The ’80s are back, more than ever.

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Conclusion: Alphaville does well. Collaboration with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra takes ’80s songs to a new level. The perfect start for new audiences as well as regular listeners will be delighted with the new arrangements.