July 1, 2022


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Retirement – Games: office manager leaves after 45 years

When he started working for the community on January 1, 2001, there was still a classic typewriter and carbon paper. “Yes, it’s been a long time. After business school, I really wanted to work in a bank, but it didn’t work out, so I ended up in an office. At that time, the mayor was still called Hermann Lechner, ”recalls Alfred Six. The 62-year-old will retire on July 31. A big change for the committed employee, whose job has evolved into a manager over the course of his tenure: “There is often nothing left of thought for a quiet civil service life,” he said.

The Gaming native, who mutated into Göstlinger through his wife, has assisted in nearly all departments in the office during his career, thus gaining a comprehensive overview.

October 16, 2000 was a very special day for him, “I was unanimously elected head of the department, and I am still proud of it.” Several projects such as the introduction of street names into Gaming in 1984, the Games sewage treatment plant and the Games/Kienberg Games track. “I will miss her very much, because I have always enjoyed my work and will most certainly do so conscientiously until my last day on the job,” Six confirms.

Mayor Rinat Rakowitz also appreciates this positive quality in her longtime employee: “Alfred has always been my support throughout the 13 years I have been mayor. Of course, I gave him his pension, but it would be a very big change for all of us in the office.”

“I will miss my colleagues”

However, retirement would also be a major adjustment for the office manager himself. Then travel, more sports and an English course are included in his calendar instead of meetings and deadlines. But he already thinks it’s cool that he can get up at 8 in the morning instead of at 5.15 in the morning. “On the other hand, I will miss the constant changes in the law, especially over the past two years. But what I will especially miss are my co-workers.” It wasn’t clear for a long time who would be sitting at his desk in the future.

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The decision was only made shortly before the NÖN editorial deadline. “The position has been announced since October, and now we have finally found a suitable person,” the mayor says happily. As long as the matter has not yet been worn in a dry cloth, she wants to be kept out of sight. Only one thing can be revealed: after six there will be a gaming boss.