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Reputation in a double package – on Google and anwalt.de

Reputation in a double package – on Google and anwalt.de

2. Active for new reviews

Reach for the stars: Proactively reach out to customers whose concerns you’ve satisfactorily resolved and ask them for a review – on anwalt.de and Google. This means that your reputation will grow significantly faster in both rating systems.

On anwalt.de you have several options for sending an invitation for review. Upon your request, anwalt.de will provide you with distribution cards containing a link to the rating function. You can order your distribution cards for free from customer service at any time.

You can also send digital review invitations to your attorney profile or Send review invitations to your law firm profile from your account on anwalt.de. Please obtain the recipient’s consent in advance.

In addition, it has proven useful to integrate the link to the rating function on anwalt.de into digital communications, for example in an email signature. Your individual link is organized according to the scheme https://www.anwalt.de/PROFIL-URL/valuation-abhaben.php.

Google also offers this type of review invitation: To do this, simply go to your Google Business Profile and go under “Customers” to “Reviews” and then to “Get more reviews.” There you will receive a link to your Google ranking post.

3. Monitor your growing reputation

Track your reputation in both rating systems – this way you can quickly respond to new reviews. But more on that in a moment.

Anwalt.de makes it easy for you to monitor current reviews. When a new review is sent to you, you will immediately receive a notification to the two email addresses provided to you. Your customer account contains all reviews in chronological order.

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You can also monitor your new reviews on Google by receiving email notifications. On your company profile dashboard, under Settings, you’ll find a checklist for which activities you’d like to receive emails for.

4. Start the dialogue

Show your appreciation for every new review on anwalt.de and Google by responding to it. Your comment will then appear publicly in the relevant review.

This shows you are an attorney who wants to talk and cares about his clients’ satisfaction. This commitment has a positive impact not only on the reviewer, but also on other readers of your reviews.

On anwalt.de, you can comment on reviews in your client account under “My Reviews” or “Law Firm Reviews”. With Google, you have the opportunity to respond to reviews directly on your business profile.

5. Strong reputation – thanks to originality

Whether on Google or anwalt.de: Not only praise from customers, but also criticism can be used as a building element for your reputation – if you respond to it skillfully. To do this, review tips for confident responses to negative reviews Approaching.

Those looking for advice rely heavily on reviews. Negative reviews enhance the credibility of the public image. If individual critical reviews are included among a number of recommendations, the overall rating will seem more credible than pure 5-star reviews.

But there are limits. If a review on anwalt.de violates the guidelines, you can post it to your account Customer account Report for Review – From this moment on it will be temporarily deactivated. Likewise, disallowed Google reviews can be reported according to the guidelines on your company profile so they can be removed.

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More tips for reviews on anwalt.de and Google

Would you like to learn more best practices about reputation management on anwalt.de and Google? In the interview, lawyer Cuneet Ginger spoke about the ideal handling of the two classification systems. If you have individual questions about building your reputation, anwalt.de Customer Service will be happy to help you.


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