December 1, 2022


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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Reminder: Watch the Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. movie. Movie is here at 10:05 PM – North Tower

Soon there will be a very special Nintendo Direct Which is supposed to generate a lot of interest outside the video game community around the world. Around 10:05 PM will nintendo one World premiere of Super Mario Bros View and reveal more information about the film, which will be shown in Europe in half a year. Live there and watch it here Live Streaming on YouTube To the Nintendo Direct: Super Mario Bros. movie. in German or English on me:

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I love to visit Our Discord Servant And brainstorm with the tower community in real time about the premiere promo and other Nintendo Direct content.

We hope you enjoy the presentation!

Do you think Shigeru Miyamoto will have an appearance and what are your hopes for today’s show?

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