July 21, 2024


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Reduce nitrogen emissions through squid technology

Reduce nitrogen emissions through squid technology

As part of the European Partnership for Innovation (EIP-AGRI), ratiodomo Ing.-GmbH’s project was successful in a competition held in the fall of 2021. The company is now receiving a €300,000 grant to “improve nitrogen balances in refined areas using superconducting squid technology”. Share a total of 14 posts. Four were selected for funding.

In the project, squid technology will be tested in cultivation in order to develop a process for creating a measurement-based operational digital cadastral register. The goal is to reduce nitrogen emissions.

Until now, squid technology has been used in geographical exploration and in the fields of archaeological engineering and subsoil. Initial investigations showed that drainage systems can also be recognized and distinguished using this technology.

With the implementation of the project idea, it should now be possible to map entire drainage networks and describe the distribution of conditions in the system under investigation, as well as the possibility of identifying functional problem areas.

The duration of the project is designed for two years.

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