December 6, 2021


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Red Notice on Netflix: Does Heist Comedy Live Its Promise?

The bickering between the characters of Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds is one of the greatest strengths of ‘Red Notices’Frank Massey / Netflix

A little action, a lot of comedy

If you’re expecting a “Mission Impossible” or James Bond-style action, you may be disappointed by the “Red Notice.” The Netflix original has some interesting and amazing scenes, but it’s a little silly and seems to be intentional. The Porsche car chase ends before it even begins when an ice cream truck hits a sports car. And at the end of a quick chase through and over scaffolding, during which he follows one more stunning stunt, character Reynolds asks Johnson, “Where did you get that jacket? It really is a statement piece.”

Anyone familiar with Rawson Marshall Thurber’s work should not be surprised by this; Among other things, the director pulled strings on “Wir sind die Millers” and “Central Intelligence”. The common denominator between these films and the “Red Notice”? The irresistible dynamic between the protagonists.

Thriller star “The Rock” plays his role in “Red Notice”Frank Massey / Netflix

chemistry here

While searching for The Bishop, which leads Hartley and Booth from a Russian prison to Spain, Argentina and finally Cairo, the asymmetric duo converge more and more. They talk about their complexes, their relationships with their parents, and what is at stake for them in this task.

Opposite to this bromance is the only (apparent) combatant “the bishop”. Anyone who’s seen Gal Gadot as a superhero in “Justice League” or as a spy in “The Jones” knows that the former Miss Israel, who served in the Israeli army, is the best team of characters with a lot of charm, a lot of strength, and a lot of sharp humor – and also For the evil and self-confident thief, who drives the Johnson and Reynolds characters by the nose and visibly enjoys them. When the three confront each other in a basement and the clever criminal suddenly slips out of her high heels and her hair falls out, the screen mounts with tension, because of: the few moments in the movie where Gadot, Johnson, and Reynolds could be. Seen in one scene, “Red Notice” delivers a flawless home theater experience.

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The Red Notice will be available on Netflix on November 12th.

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