October 1, 2022


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"Recommendations from satisfied customers are still the best advertisement"

“Recommendations from satisfied customers are still the best advertisement”

What options do you use to invite reviews in your anwalt.de account?

I use free scorecards when clients come to my office for advice. Then I find this more personal than digital review calls. The customer then has something “on hand”.

When giving advice over the phone, via Teams or Zoom, I prefer to ask clients with a personalized email to send a review rather than invite a digital review. I find individually crafted emails about specific advice more personal and thus better than pre-made invites for evaluation.

I’ve also included anwalt.de rating widget on my homepage, so customers who find me through my homepage can also see reviews from past and current clients.

At what point do you ask your customers to leave a comment?

Normally, I don’t ask for an evaluation until after the authorization is complete. However, if after the first consultation it is not clear whether I will continue to work with the client, I will ask about it immediately so that much time does not pass and the client can clearly remember the consultation.

They advise both individuals and businesses. Is reputation management different between the two target groups?

For companies, evaluating a service is more natural than evaluating individuals. Ordinary people are more familiar with this than hotels or restaurants, but not lawyers. Therefore, sometimes you have to do a little more “persuasion work” here.

Has the importance of online reviews changed over the course of your career?

Yes, the importance of online reviews has increased significantly. Just a few years ago, many decided to hire a local attorney that they could visit in person at the law firm. Today, advice by phone, email and difference or zoom in is “normal”. Since one cannot hold back from personal recommendations from friends or acquaintances, online reviews are becoming increasingly important in the search for the right attorney.

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How do you deal with negative reviews?

If only a few stars are awarded but no review text, it is of course difficult to respond. However, if the customer justified his evaluation, then one can understand what the customer was bothered about or what he was not satisfied with. If it is clear who the customer is (unfortunately, you don’t get the chance to get anonymous reviews), I will definitely contact him and try to respond to his criticism or explain my point to him. If something really goes wrong, I have no problem apologizing for it and making a suggestion on how to fix the problem.

Do you often have customers who refer to your reviews in their inquiries?

Yes, this is common. Clients usually find me via my homepage or an article on current topics on the Internet. Then, of course, the rating is always taken into account.

Is there a review you particularly remember?

I can’t specify a single rating. Fortunately, there have been many good and very good reviews that give you a good feeling that you can help someone. But negative reviews also make you get more information, because you learn something new with each review.

How do you convince potential clients with your online and offline expertise?

On the Internet, I try to regularly inform clients (existing and potential) with small articles (so-called legal advice) about current provisions and changes in the law. Online profiles such as anwalt.de and the website of my law firm provide information about me, my law firm and my main areas of activity. Offline, I try to persuade with good work, understandable explanations, timely treatment of the case in question and regular information about the current status of the case.

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Attorney Tania Voss Represented by her profile as her personal lawyer on anwalt.de. in your Foss Law Firm – Service Desk – It advises its clients on labor law and contract law, among other things.

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