December 2, 2023


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Racconn Robbers – Watch Bourse Trash Race, Family Game

When searching for food, raccoons have no friends and behave ruthlessly. In Raccoon Robbers, players have to act similarly in order to stand a chance of winning. Because only those who climb the highest houses with their raccoons and push the other raccoons down in a targeted manner win the game.

What is Soil Raccoon Thieves?

Raccoon Robbers is a game created and published by Klaus Jürgen Reddy for two to four players Pegasus games. By playing cards skillfully, players try to get their raccoons to climb the houses and advance further on the goal path by jumping as high as possible.

The main part of the game is three large cardboard houses of different colors that are placed on the table using stands. Each player controls three raccoons, one of which climbs onto one of the three houses. In addition, each person with a large raccoon must reach a target area on several spaces in order to finish the game victorious.

Raccoon Robbers - Game scene with people - Photo from Pegasus Games

In turn, players can play cards during their turn to either climb their raccoon, push another raccoon, or jump on their raccoon from the house. If the raccoon jumps down, it restarts at the bottom of the house and the big raccoon is moved forward a certain number of spaces on the target track. The higher the raccoon is on the house, the larger the raccoon will advance over the edge.

By playing the house color stock cards, players can let their raccoons climb into that house. If a raccoon lands on an already occupied space in the house, it automatically pushes the other raccoon down one space. Payment can also be made actively by playing a payment card alongside stock cards. Players try to advance as fast as possible on the target strip to be the first to reach the big trash.

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Is Raccoon Robbers Worth It?

First of all, the beautiful game material must be mentioned in this game. Houses made of cardboard do not just lie on the table, they are being prepared. Wooden figures of raccoons can then be placed in the cavities of cardboard houses.

Raccoon Robbers comically bring the authentically wild hunting of edible raccoons to the table. During the game, bad situations often arise in which other players are pushed too far down and the advantage they just gained in the house is completely nullified. Players are often upset that they have not jumped out of the house beforehand. There is no shortage of player interaction here. Others’ movements are followed by great excitement.

Raccoon Robbers - Game Box - Photo by Pegasus Games

Unfortunately, the course of the game takes place in a very simple way and depends largely on luck, which cards are drawn. For example, jumping from a house requires two cards of the same color as the house. If you don’t pull this off, you’re forced to make a really exciting decision whether to jump in to secure points or wait a little longer.

In general, the game is more suitable for young players and those who like annoying situations without a lot of tactics. The game should always be played with three or four players to create these situations. There is an adaptation of the players, but only two houses are used, it is quieter and there is less activity at the table. However, as explained above, the game thrives on these elements.