September 16, 2021


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Quick Installation Heat Generator | heating technology | Technique

The Logamax Plus GB272 gas condensing boiler replaces its predecessor Logamax Plus GB162 in the output range of 50 kW and is available in two additional output sizes with 125 and 150 kW. Logamax plus GB272 reaches a maximum flow temperature of 85°C and can be used as a single device or as a series floor standing condenser boiler in large buildings – up to six Logamax plus GB272s can then be combined to form a system with a total output of 900 kW. The cascade is also quickly installed, as the modular cascade frame can be assembled almost without tools.

The heat exchanger with Alu plus technology should contribute to the economical operation of the gas condensing boiler: with a partial-load efficiency of up to 109 percent (according to EN15502) and an efficiency of more than 98 percent at full load, Logamax plus GB272 is energy-saving (in Standby mode, the power consumption is 2W). Also with the protective packaging in which the heat generator arrives at the installation site, attention is paid to environmental compatibility: it is made of completely recyclable cardboard with a honeycomb structure.

The mounting frame contributes to a quick and virtually tool-free installation as a single floor-standing device or as a chain. For the sequence, individual condensing boilers are placed on the frame and driven into the built-in rack, which securely fixes them.

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An adjustment function is also integrated into the frame, allowing the installer to precisely adjust the height and tilt using an Allen key and to adapt the chain to conditions in the mounting room. The hydraulic lines are located inside, the required insulation is provided here.

The on/off button and connection socket for the service switch are located on the upper side edge of the Logamatic BC30.2 control unit. The electrical connections can also be accessed at the top of the boiler – separate electrical connections for the pump assemblies are located on the underside of the casing. The front cover can be removed with one click. Components related to the heating service are also easily housed in the housing and the siphon can be accessed without having to disassemble other components beforehand. In addition, the full-color display rests comfortably at eye level and is easy on the back of the stabilizer.

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Logamax Plus GB272 Gas Condensing Boiler covers many application areas. Logamatic EMS plus with system driver module RC310 acts as a control system, where the installation location can be flexibly selected and according to local conditions.
As an alternative to the Logamatic EMS plus control system, the modular Logamatic 5313 digital controller can also be used. Functional units can be used to extend the heating system, for example with renewable energies, auxiliary heating circuits or a heat generator chain. Thanks to the standard IP and Modbus interface, many devices can also be coordinated with each other and the entire system can be operated and monitored from a single controller.

Logamax plus GB272 is available with immediate effect in 50, 70, 85 and 100 kW output sizes, and 125 and 150 kW devices will follow in early 2022.

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