Nearly a year after it debuted on PlayStation and Epic Game Store, the developer Ember Lab Now the next anniversary update for Qena: The Bridge of Souls On all current platforms in addition to the game debut on Steam announced.

The Anniversary Update will be the biggest DLC yet for Kena: Bridge of Spirits when it’s released on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. It includes a new + game, Magic Stones, Spirit Guide Trials, Kena Outfits, accessibility features, and more.

The update is free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Epic Game Store and will be part of the extended Kena: Bridge of Spirits, which also launches September 27 on Steam for $39.99.

About Qena: The Bridge of Souls

One of the most successful adventures from an independent studio in recent years, Kena: Bridge of Spirits offers players an action adventure that combines an immersive story with exploration, puzzle-solving, and fast-paced combat. The game presents a journey of self-discovery as Kena, a young spiritual guide, restores balance to an ancient village in a once thriving environment.

Qena: Bridge of Lives Anniversary Trailer:

The Anniversary Update will include:

  • New Game+, which allows players who have completed the game to replay Kena’s journey with all previously unlocked abilities, upgrades, costumes, rot, etc., re-engineered combat encounters and more challenging.
  • Customizable Magical Gems – All these unique collectibles offer different customizations to Kena’s stats and abilities.
  • A new game mode called Spirit Guide Trials (Spirit Guide Experiences) that challenges players’ skills through a variety of repeatable challenges across three different classes: obstacle courses, wave defenses, and boss reactions.
  • Completing Spirit Guide Trials unlocks outfits for Kena, each inspired by one of the characters she meets on her journey. Completing bonus objectives in each trial can unlock different color variations for each outfit, as well as some unique magical stones.
  • A new outfit exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners.
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Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on Tuesday, September 27 with the Anniversary Update free for all Steam owners. Here you will find Qena on Steam