June 25, 2022


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Puzzle adventure game "The Entropy Center" solves a mystery with a time-return device |  Famitsu.com, the latest information on games and entertainment

Puzzle adventure game “The Entropy Center” solves a mystery with a time-return device | Famitsu.com, the latest information on games and entertainment

In the announcement of the new game distribution “Future Games Show” sponsored by the British magazine GamesRadar, the puzzle-adventure game “entropy center』The trailer has been released. Scheduled for release in 2022 for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC abroad.

This work is Valve’s masterpiece.outlet], a puzzle adventure game of the same genre from a first-person perspective. The warp gate connecting spaces is used to solve the puzzle and aim for the future, while the ‘gate’ that brings back time is used to open the way.

Arya, the main character in this work, faces two problems when she wakes up in the massive “Center of Entropy” space station orbiting around low Earth orbit.

Problem #1: The Earth visible outside the station is literally on fire with something of human extinction.

Problem #2: The station you are in also appears to be deserted, and the crash is progressing.

In a desperate situation, the last problem can be solved at least by a special device of the “Astra” cannon type using artificial intelligence that speaks. ASTRA has the ability to rewind and move target time, repair broken bridges and walkways. So, by making good use of this ability and combining it with other map gimmicks, we will devise a way forward.

entropy center

In addition to repairing bridges and walkways in the video, “Move the cube to the pressure sensor and turn on the power of the electric door, etc.” and “Conveyor belt moving in the opposite direction”, which was often seen uses can be seen in “The Gate” such as “Stop with Astra” and “Repair broken walls and use them as shields against bot attacks.”

Publishing is an action RPG.”fatal shell]Etc. Released by Playstack, a small publisher, the development was by independent studio Stubby Games, the first work of this work. Daniel Stubington, who leads the studio, has a career in 3DCG video, so at the end of the trailer you can see a powerful and surreal scene.

entropy center

entropy center

entropy center

The robots are like the turrets in “The Gate”, but they are very cute.

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