May 17, 2022


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Promising VR MMORPG Announced January 27: “Zenith: The Last City”

Zenith: The Lost City So you will see the light of day on January 27, the developers of Windows VRThis studio that submitted their project a few years ago to their Kickstarter campaign and got their first funding in less than 4 hours!

Recently, in September 2021, then already in partnership with Eye, obtained additional funding from 10 million dollars.



So it will be Zenith It is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and even if this type of content is already in VR, it seems to make a difference in terms of its graphics but also, as shown, Its capabilities:

  • exploration : Big open world with flying, climbing, zip-lining and swimming
  • fighting Skill-based combat system: shooting, swing and casting spells
  • Arts and crafts : Create powerful items using loot obtained during battle
  • dishes : Learn recipes, collect ingredients and share with your friends
  • via play : Fight with friends in boss battles, public events and dungeons with hundreds of players on a single server

early access

If the game has a version first alpha and then beta For a while, the version published on January 27 will not be the final game yet, but it will be a game early access. You will have to pay about thirty euros to be able to take advantage of it.

Early games aren’t always generally unanimous, but the latter has a good rating from users who have benefited from earlier versions.

The gaming community says that the open world is actually quite large and immersive. The developers themselves commented on January 15:

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“We are excited to finally let you all join us on this journey as we share the magical world of Zenith that we have been building for so long and pledge to keep building for years to come.

We are really proud of the wonderful support we have received from you over the years. When we started a few years ago, I funded an entire Kickstarter campaign in less than 4 hours. Your belief in our vision for a small, independent studio building an ambitious VR MMO made us work even harder to create the game we always hoped to play one day.”

See you on January 27 next!