December 2, 2023


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Projection: The Renaissance of Technology |  Individually

Projection: The Renaissance of Technology | Individually

Technological advances have expanded the possibilities of display systems in digital signage projects – both for massive surfaces that fill the facade and for small animations broadcast on product displays in retail. Developments include:

  • The laser that replaced traditional lamps. This significantly extends the service life and reduces the need for maintenance.
  • Projectors bright enough to deliver sharp, rich images. It is now much more expensive and manufacturers can squeeze out more lumens from much smaller systems.
  • Smarter and more automated software than ever before that dramatically reduces the complexity of mapping, stacking, and edge projections. Special requirements are now easier to implement; In addition to work that required a great deal of specialized knowledge, time and money.

Projection is now a healthier option for digital signage projects, and in some cases is more appropriate due to some unique mixed reality capabilities – for example, thanks to the ability to complement physical presentation by placing digital images on broadcasts close to it.

Projection in the yearbook invidis

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For example, consider a clothing or footwear brand that wants to highlight and explain the main characteristics of an item or the brand as a whole. The traditional approach could be a classic rectangular screen placed above, next to, or perhaps even behind the display of the product. This screen can be compact and integrated in some way, but it is still a monitor in a commercial setting.

Projection-equipped projector: Epson’s ISE mount (Photo: invidis)

With display, this traditional product screen can include digital elements that appear and disappear next to and around the product, such as recall messages or pop-up videos. The tendrils of the plant can appear to be growing from the shoe, and dust and dirt can hide in the vacuum cleaner head.

in a safe place

When displayed, the product can act as a screen; Visual elements are precisely set so that only they can be seen on the object – whether it is a mannequin, a household appliance, or a piece of furniture.

Nice example of a retail display in Sport Schuster, Munich (Photo: invidis)
Nice example of a retail display in Sport Schuster, Munich (Photo: invidis)

Using a projection also reduces one of the biggest challenges associated with LED video walls – damage risks. Conventional LED video wall technology is inherently weak as it can easily be damaged or malfunctioned, especially in crowded environments such as retail and mass transit.

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