September 27, 2023


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Prince William and Kate Middleton are considering bringing one of their children to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral for a calculated reason

Prince William and Kate Middleton are considering bringing one of their children to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral for a calculated reason

It seems like we’re learning something new every hour before that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on September 19. From last minute un-invitations Due to changes in protocol, it seems as if everyone is trying to make her funeral a perfect farewell to Britain’s longest reign. Reportedly, even the Prince and Princess of Wales have been pondering how to make the most of the day, as they are allegedly looking at how to bring faith and hope back into the hearts of the British people, say their royal aides.

for every daily Mail, Prince William And the Kate Middleton They were seriously considering bringing their eldest son Prince George At the late Queen’s funeral, but for a very calculated reason. It is reported that their aides were urging the move to “send a strong symbolic message to the public about the monarchy” and “reassure the nation of the caliphate system”.

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Basically, they want George to come to remind everyone that the British royal family’s bloodline is safe and on the right track.

New report from Sixth page It recently emerged that the couple is also considering taking their daughter Princess Charlotte to the funeral but concluded that Prince Louis was too young to attend. We just have to wait and see if we get to see their faces tomorrow.

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