May 17, 2022


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Precision and reliability meet innovative technology

Hermel Indoor Exhibition 2022 Precision and reliability meet innovative technology

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From April 26 to 29, 2022, Hermle will present its highly innovative solutions at the indoor exhibition in Gosheim. More than 20 machines will demonstrate the efficiency of Hermle products live with chips and equipped with parts from the most diverse high-tech sectors.

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High-precision components that optimize the performance of Hermle machining centers: C 42 U MT Engine Case / Aerospace.

(Photo: Hermel)

Under the theme “Being with Technology”, Hermle invites you to attend it from April 26-29, 2022 house gallery to Jochem. Hermle’s machining centers are always involved when precision, reliability and long-range accuracy are matched by highly innovative 5-axis technology and automation expertise. Hermle AG takes on the digital challenge with several Hermle tools such as digital modules, the intuitive ‘Navigator’ user interface or the ‘Home’ screen, which the device operator can use to create their own user interface. Reliable process automation and thus increased profitability have been part of Hermle’s core competency for years.

Hohner Maschinenbau produces batch sizes from five to 500 pieces in the new Hermle system.

All these fashionable themes and of course above all the highly innovative manufacturing centers will be presented at the Hermle indoor fair in Gosheim. More than 20 machines, all in process of cutting, equipped with machining from a wide range of high-tech industries, demonstrate the performance of Hermle products. The highlights of the indoor exhibition consist of more than 20 machining centers with interesting assortments from a wide range of industries in the Training and Technology Center of Hermle and a variety of automation solutions from 10 to 3000 kg of component weight. In addition, there are the new, compact and modular robotic systems RS 05-2 and RS 1 as well as digital components, navigator interface and main screen as well as HACS and HIMS in the direct application. The Hermle Expert Forum will be represented by a variety of specialized lectures on all aspects of modern machines, as well as the Hermle User School with the new training concept “Seven Days of Optimum Grinding”, additive manufacturing using unique MPA technology. -I see-

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