December 6, 2021


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Poppy PlayTime, the game not to be missed – YubiGeek

Imagine, you have an exoskeleton with telescopic arms, the instructions are simple, you have to go get revolutionary game, a Game able to maintain a Discussion With AnyoneThis is thanks to forces we don’t know about.

Well, this is the adventure it offers Poppy playtime horror game With little puzzles that are worth a Between us.


The game was released by the studio MOB . GamesSmall independent studio. This game is officially released in October 12 2021 for a modest amount of 3.99 € on the podium steam (Only available at Computer). Nowadays, it’s just them first match But many in the community are waiting for the second chapter of this great game.

game history

Collection the story happen in Factory closed, factory toy To be more accurate. So we must enter this ancient factory in search of a game that can revolutionize our time. magic or technologyIt’s up to you to find out.

However, as you can imagine, that wouldn’t be the case not easyDuring your epic, you will have the opportunity to meet your new best friend, Huggy Wiggy, Kind of big blue plush Which at first glance seems disjointed in the way it pursues you. As you would expect, in a horror game, Should Monster, a creature capable of stopping your perseverance, well, this object will have a unique appearance I will kill you Without the slightest hesitation to stop you in your quest.

Apart from the big killer marigolds that haunt you, Huggy Wiggy (Besides, she doesn’t have an amazing name ^^ ), you will have to to solve Quite a few small simple puzzles That will guide you to the revolutionary doll. These puzzles same level who are they A popular game among the United States from the studio inner laziness. These will be little logic puzzles that will show you the way forward.

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Obviously, during your journey, you will have the opportunity to get rid of the amorphous object that wants to kill you. Only, this will only be done after you understand how to kill him, and therefore, only after you have killed several times. Lucky for you, you wouldn’t be in a world sword art online (Manga de l’auteur Reki Kawahara), you can restart the game as many times as you want to defeat the monster and achieve the goal of the game.

game success

If you don’t live in a cave, you probably followed seventy 2021 Or if you’ve been following the news quite a bit, surely you’ve already done it excerpts seen, even so tik tok And Instagram, from blue marigold Who are you continuous in tubes.

This first game happens to be a real success For studio with lightings in different countries by streamers at all we, EuropeAnd Asia. We’ve seen the game spread all over the world met real warm welcome With from the community employment less than a month.

for my part, I have DISCOVER THE GAME By following the famous stream maghla stream during theZEvent Charity Event and took a lot of fun to play.

Community Feedback

With such a welcome, it means it The game deserves attentionHe made a box almost full of it Positive feedback, a community that benefited and enjoyed the game, however, despite its many positive points, we find it 2 disadvantages Most notably, the community.

  1. The story can be finished in an hour If you take your time to play. For those who loved the spooky atmosphere, the blue-furred monster, the revolutionary doll, caused real frustration when they realized the game could be over quickly.
  2. During some phases of the game, or during some launched games, we may encounter some of them at any time technical problems, for example with Huggy Wiggy who passed a wall to continue their entry into the great room.
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Next, it is important to consider that the game is presented by independent studio, This is it first games In spite of everything, an enormous effort must be made to present a game like this.

Otherwise, if we remove these two semi-negative points, the result is its atmosphere, be in childish environment to get some Colorful graphics Who is the I wouldn’t think of a horror game But he managed to create a file feeling uncomfortable And stay upThis is where they are strong in story development.

With its release before the big events… We can say that the game will meet real success And that if you haven’t tried it yet and hesitate to donate €4, that’s okay, let me tell you The game is amazing And that the whole community is waiting for the second act, with the story continuing to complete this sense of failure at the end of this first act.

For these beautiful words I wish you, good game !