July 21, 2024


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Political groups demand space for technology campus

Political groups demand space for technology campus

With the settlement of companies dealing with future technologies, CSU, Greens and the FDP want to promote Fürstenfeldbruck as a commercial location.

Fürstenfeldbruck – When developing commercial spaces, urban planning must take into account primarily the needs of companies in the areas of environmental and medical technology, electronics and analytics, as well as digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Specifically, areas should be developed and made available to business groups in these areas. The three parliamentary blocs have now submitted a similar request to the city council. They envision that areas of campus technology and innovation – including expansion options – will be identified in land use planning. The realization must then be done privately.

The networking opportunity for SMEs enhances the innovative strength and competitiveness of industries and local authority.

“Where research and development, work and life take place in close proximity to each other in a constructive environment, creativity and networks are developed in a special way,” says the application. “The Technology Center provides a framework for the fruitful consolidation of knowledge in mutual exchange, so that a platform for communication and innovation is created.” From a critical mass of firms in the value chain under one roof, a group will arise from which other growth drivers can emerge. With its Technology and Innovation Centre, Fürstenfeldbruck can make better economic use of its geographical position between science sites in Augsburg and Munich in the future.

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