June 28, 2022


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Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hours April 2022 – Tomorrow with Scoppel and XP

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April 12th is the next Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO. Coaches should definitely not miss the event with bonus Scoppel and XP.

Update from April 11, 2022: Tomorrow is Pokémon GO’s next spotlight hour. This time around, Pokémon Scoppel appears especially often. In addition, between 6 pm and 7 pm, trainers will receive double experience points to evolve a Pokémon. So if you want to level up quickly, you should use a lucky egg during the hour of lights and develop every Pokémon that can do it. So you get four times the XP.

game name Pokemon GO
Version (date of first publication) 06 July 2016
Publishers niantic
a series Pokemon
platforms Android and iOS
Developer niantic
Type Augmented Reality, Mobile

Update from April 4, 2022: Tomorrow is already the first Pokémon GO highlight hour in April 2022. This time, the Poison Dark Pokémon Skunkapuh awaits you. You can also get double candy to send Pokemon. So you must keep your monsters and send them to the professor between 6 and 7 pm tomorrow to get twice as many candy.

First report from March 31, 2022: SAN FRANCISCO – In April 2022, once again four hours of lights await all players in Pokémon GO. On the specified dates, there is a certain bonus for an hour and the Pokemon appears more often in the wild. A few hours of spotlighting in Pokémon GO are worth it, especially if you want to collect a lot of experience points or star dust. These hours of lights await in April 2022 at Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight on April 2022 – all the info at a glance

What is the spotlight hour? The Spotlight Hour is a recurring weekly event in Pokémon GO. Every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, certain Pokémon appear frequently in the wild. There is also a special bonus in this watch that gives trainers more experience points, stardust or candy.

Pokémon GO: All Spotlight Hours April 2022

© Niantic / The Pokémon Company / Unsplash (montage)

These are the dates in April 2022: In April, four hours of lights await in Pokémon GO. These are held every Tuesday and begin on the 5th of April. We list all the dates of the lightsaber hours in Pokémon GO and show you the Pokémon and rewards that are waiting for you.

What pokemon will be there in April 2022? In April 2022, Skunkooh, Scoppel, Myrapla and Kinoso await in Pokémon GO’s spotlight hours. Unfortunately, you can’t catch Skunkapuh and Kinoso as Shiny, but you can catch Scoppel and Myrapla.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on April 5th – Featuring Skunkoo Poo and Double Shippable Candy

Spotlight hour on April 5: On April 5, 2022, you will meet Poison Dark Pokémon Skunkapuh at Pokémon GO’s Spotlight Hour. You can also get double candy to send Pokemon.

The first highlight hour will be in April 2022 with Skunkapuh.

© Niantic / The Pokémon Company / Unsplash (montage)

Is the Spotlight Hour worth it? A Skunkapuh can evolve into a Skuntank. Unfortunately, both are not suitable for raids. Skuntank is a mid-level striker in the Super and Hyper League. So far there is no Skunkapuh to be caught as Shiny either. So the spotlight hour in Pokémon GO is especially worthwhile for the double sweets you get for sending Pokémon. Until then, collect the monsters that want a large number of candy for them and send them out between 6 PM and 7 PM on the 5th of April.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on April 12 – Scoppel and Double Evolution XP

Spotlight hour on April 12: On April 12, Scoppel awaits you in the spotlight in Pokémon GO: the monster evolves into a Grebbit and belongs to the normal type. In addition, during the hour you will get twice as much experience points when developing monsters.

Scoppel appears on Spotlight Hour on April 12.

© Niantic / The Pokémon Company / Unsplash (montage)

Is the watch worth it in Pokémon GO? Grebbit is a good striker in the Premier League, but otherwise Scoppel is worth it for his Pokédex. Especially when she meets Shiny Scoppel. But if you’re on your way to level 50, you shouldn’t miss this Pokémon GO highlight moment. Capture all your evolving monsters, shoot the Lucky Egg, and evolve them during Spotlight Hour. After that you will receive maximum XP for this event.

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Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour on April 19 – Myrapla and Double Stardust

Spotlight hour on April 19: Myrapla will face off in Pokémon GO during Spotlight Hour on April 19. The Plant Poison Pokémon has been around since the first generation and has been in the game for a very long time. During the event, you will get double Stardust for catching Pokemon.

At the Hour of Lights on April 19, you’ll meet Myrapla.

© The Pokémon Company / Niantic / Unsplash (montage)

Spotlight watch is worthwhile: Myrapla can evolve into Giflor and Blubella depending on whether or not you are using Sunstone. Unfortunately, both monsters are only suitable for combat on a limited scale and are therefore more suitable for your Pokedex. Giflor is only good as a poison attacker, but there are much better options. Those who collect Shinys might be lucky enough to catch Shiny Myrapla during Pokémon GO’s Spotlight Hour. So the April 19th hour is worth it, especially for the double stardust. If you use a star piece, you can even collect four times as much star dust.

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour April 26 – Kinoso in Sun Form and Double Catch XP

Spotlight hour on April 26: In the last April 2022 Pokémon GO Spotlight, trainers can catch Kinoso in the shape of the sun. Grass-type Pokémon also has a shadow shape, which cannot be detected during the event. You will also get double experience points for catching Pokémon during Spotlight Hour.

On April 26, you can meet Kinoso at the Hour of Lights.

© The Pokémon Company / Niantic / Unsplash (montage)

Is an hour worth highlighting in Pokémon GO? Kinoso in sun form is a decent striker in the Superleague, but other than that he deserves it only for his Pokédex. Until now, unfortunately, you cannot catch a plant-type Pokemon in its shiny form. If you’ve used a lucky egg, the hour of lights in Pokémon GO is still worth it – as long as you catch a lot of Pokémon. Then you get four times the amount of EXP captured and you can level up quickly.

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With a very simple trick, you can level up very quickly in Pokémon GO if you want to reach level 50 quickly. In addition to the spotlight hours, there are many other events in Pokémon GO in April 2022 that you should not miss. This includes two community days.

Rules list image: © Niantic / The Pokémon Company / Unsplash (montage)