December 7, 2023


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Pokémon GO: New promo code for June 2022

Pokémon GO: New promo code for June 2022

Amazon will distribute another promo code for Pokémon Go in June 2022. Thus Amazon Prime members can secure additional “free items” on the Prime Gaming website, which brings another feature or feature into the smartphone. This time around, the item pack includes 30 buckyballs, five revive sticks and a super incubator, which you can use three times and reduce the distances of the eggs to hatch.

New promo code for June 2022

Present Pokémon Go promo code June 2022 Available on Prime Gaming for two weeks. The renewal has already been announced: there will be a promo code for the smartphone that will be registered every 14 days throughout the summer. It is not known how long the campaign will last. to me Prime . promo codes To redeem in Pokémon Go on Android, you must first switch to the in-game store in the game. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the code you’re contributing to Prime gaming Receive. Confirm the entry. After that, items will be available on your adventure.