October 1, 2022


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[PLUS] Five gaming chairs in a comparison test

[PLUS] Five gaming chairs in a comparison test

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Almost without exception, all gaming chairs currently available can be divided into two categories. The first group of Far Eastern made chairs consists of a racing car seat design with eye-catching bolsters on the seat and backrest. Its structure is always the same, with slight deviations in the dimensions of the steel frame housing or metal struts and elastic bands used, more than one asynchronous mechanism is also not possible due to the design. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to set themselves apart from the competition with such additions as Alcantara leather and carbon lining (Razer Enki Pro), air conditioning (Com4Gaming Argon), lumbar support in the backrest (Corsair TC200) or construction for larger sizes. (Vertagear PL6000).

Office chair base gaming chair manufacturers can dispense with these additions. In addition to sitting comfort, the focus here is mainly on ergonomics and its adjustability. Therefore, it always offers a backrest with double S-shaped, shaped wood as the basis for upholstery, a basic structure in which the backrest is not rigidly connected to the seat, and the synchronization mechanism generated by a healthy swing. Regardless of whether your gaming chair stands out visually like the Backforce V or remains a bit simple, if you have a similarly priced option, you should always choose a model from the office chair section.

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You will find the following products in the test:

  • Backforce
  • Com4Gaming Arjun
  • Corsair TC200
  • Razr Inky Pro
  • Contractor PL6000

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