May 17, 2022


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Playstation 5 at Amazon: PS5 Insider Reveals New Beginning of Sales

Playstation 5 at Amazon: PS5 Insider Reveals New Beginning of Sales


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New PS5 Sale Announced on Amazon: Gamers will soon be able to get their hands on the much-coveted Playstation 5. All information about the show.

Kassel – Attention Playstation 5 fans: On Amazon, there are signs of a new wave of sales for the popular and always-sold console. According to insider info, it should be ready this week.

As reported by computer magazine, the new game Horizon Forbidden West may be responsible for the online store that is now showing Sony devices again. It should be officially released for Playstation 4 and 5 on February 18th and will soon be available for purchase in advance bundled. But what day should gaming friends who have gone empty-handed mark on their calendars?

Buy PS5 from Amazon: the internet giant to introduce a new Playstation today

According to insider information, there has been speculation in the past few days about when you can buy the PS5 from Amazon again. Now it will probably be ready on Wednesday (19/01/2022). But only for Prime members. This should be kept in mind urgently between the website of the online store in the morning until 12 noon. The offer should also only last for a short time: the sales window usually closes again 15-30 minutes after the start. So gaming fans should put their Playstation with or without Horizon Forbidden West on their shopping list so they can strike right away.

There is already a first five-star rating for the package in the online store. This is written by a “paranormal experience”. “I’m really looking forward to the next few hours of playing,” he said. Reviews of products not yet published from Amazon are generally excluded. The charging giant may have made an exception here for Sony, however, heralding a new wave of sales.

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But Amazon isn’t the only one who gets surprised every now and then with PS5 consoles on offer, it’s also possible that Saturn, Mediamarket and other electronics retailers will sell the Playstation 5 again soon. To be successful, attentiveness and speed are required. (as)