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“Pikmin Bloom” added 3 types of fingerboards!!  Long term event guide in june[Playlog # 367]|  Famitsu smartphone game information app

“Pikmin Bloom” added 3 types of fingerboards!! Long term event guide in june[Playlog # 367]| Famitsu smartphone game information app

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Pikmin bloom

A new system can be selected if it is above Lv50

May 28, 2023 (Sunday), just a few precious weekends away.

Hello to all the Pikmin Bloom players who were disappointed that today’s “Free Pack” was just an ordinary flower petal.

It’s been officially announced that a new event will start to replace the “Sneaker Keychain” event that will end on May 31 (Wednesday).

This time, playlist #367, we’ll explain information about the “Fingerboard” event starting next month.

We’ll also touch on the stage system, the different themes that will start over, and the “freedom of choice” of gold saplings given to players of level 50 or higher.


■ Deco Sneaker Guide

The second event of the stage system begins

Announce today“fingerboard”Deco Pikmin event forAbsent blue white rockFinallyA total of 7 typesA long overdue challenge.

This is good news for players who love Blue Rock Pikmin.

Now with the schedule3 points worth notingLet’s explain.

■ Schedule
・ All day from June 1 (Thursday) to June 21 (Wednesday), 2023

[النقطة 1]stage system

After the current “sneaker key holder”, we are going to challenge a specific theme again this timeAdopt a stage system.Type of reward including golden saplings for each subjectIt was obtained at randomIt seems

■ List of topics for each stage


[النقطة 2]The option is limited to Lv50 or higher

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Here’s what I want to focus on this time:more than LV50Only users“Event Premium Pass”is existence

When this stage 4 is cleared,Golden seedlings of your favorite colorcan be identified.

In other words, the path to achievement is promised.


It’s a system where you can select one by completing stage 4 so it’s not that easy but if you’re a player with 4 types in past eventsComp possible in 3 rollsHe is.

Also, if you have an event premium pass, what types of snippets can you get as regular rewards?Something different appears. Details were not disclosed, but I hope it will be useful for this event.

pikublogfiggid04 wrote

【Point 3】Selected golden seedling group

From the latest publications7 types of Mii T-shirtsThey will appear for a limited time during the event.

“Deco Pikmin wearing fingerboards with the same imprint”This is a great value pack containing goldfish seedlings.

In addition, during the course of the event, “Fingerboard” Deco Pikminwork and strength. There will also be regular campaigns such as receiving golden seedlings when inviting new users.

It’s a nice point that you can target the specific decoration even if it’s not over level 50.

please,”Please check the official announcement here and get ready for the new event starting next month!!

pikublogfiggid07 wrote

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