August 7, 2022


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Physol. Olymp’Hand, the Olympic Games over three weekends at Lake Vaivre

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, Cercle sportif vésulien (CSV 70) organizes Olymp’Hand in Lake Vaivre over three weekends. These games, on August 14 and 15, consist of beach handball matches paired with a giant goose and canoe events on the lake. A maximum of 20 teams can participate in this tournament and must consist of 16-20 players with a minimum of 8 adults and 8 children including 8 females (common rules for 6 days).

Football in giant bubbles

August 21 and 22 also promises a lot since the organizers planned a bubble soccer tournament where players are in big bubbles. Also show for those who will come to watch the game! Athletics competitions (sprints, throws and jumps) are also in the program.

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Handball in early September

Finally, on September 4 and 5 (Sports Day in Visoul) a handball tournament with a motor skills course for wheelchairs will be held at Noidans Gymnasium. Teams will be able to register in one, two or three weekends and it will cost €10 for children under 16 and €15 after that age.

These activities will be carried out as part of the Summer 2021 process and each team representing a country will receive a jersey in that country’s colours. Finally, during these festive days, a common bike path will be established to connect Tokyo with Paris 2 024.

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Registrations should be sent to [email protected] or by phone at 03 84 75 63 05 or 06 82 24 01 56.