January 25, 2022


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Photo of the Munich Faudion team |  NDR.de - Culture - Broadcasts

Photo of the Munich Faudion team | NDR.de – Culture – Broadcasts

“Inspirational Breath” – this is the title of Münchner Abendzeitung for his review of the recently released CD by Vodeon, a recording of songs in English and French. Founded a few years ago, the voices of Berthold Schindler and Hana Katsinis as well as conductor Clayton Bowman form the core of the band, to which other musicians and artists may be added depending on the project.

The vocal group “Vodeon” consists of Clayton Bowman, Berthold Schindler and Hannah Katsins.

Debut on the CD “Evening Primrose” with songs and songs

For the CD project “Evening Primrose”, of which we hear recordings on the broadcast, the band Vodion consisted of a total of four voices, accompanied by Clayton Bowman on piano.

In everything, Vodeon is interested in an unmistakable handwriting, which, despite the various formations and themes, should remain recognizable by its subtle aesthetic of sound. In a dual broadcast with CD recordings of their debut “Evening Primrose,” we film Vaudion and talk to band founder and tenor Berthold Schindler.

shipment from Chantal Nastase.

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SHMF Festival Choir under the direction of Nicholas Fink © Axel Nickolaus Photo: Erik Nielsen

In the show we offer singing at the highest level. Choral music from all centuries, from all countries and times and choruses from all over the world. more

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