December 6, 2021


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Photo gallery: Edmond de Valls Letter - Novel "Camondo" - Photo 3 of 3

Photo gallery: Edmond de Valls Letter – Novel “Camondo” – Photo 3 of 3

picture: Zsolnay Verlag

Edmond de Waal: “Camondo.” A family story written in letters, translated from English by Brigitte Hillszouer. Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna 2021. 191 pp., 33 ills., Hardcover, €26.

Correspondence of things

Echo of Life: In “Camondo” Edmond de Waal devotes himself to the precious legacy of a Parisian banker. The narration of the letter, wrote reviewer Ursula Scheer, “connects the fate of the Camondos with the family and the cultural history of Edmund through the musings, approaches and digressions that de Waal traces about Ephrosses of Odessa, his Jewish ancestors on his mother’s side, in his highly acclaimed first work, The Rabbit with Amber Eyes.” Both families are intricately linked.On rue Monceau, on this “golden hill” in the 8th arrondissement, they finally meet at the end of the nineteenth century: in a place of new encounters and beginnings that have become a deadly trap.De Waal masterfully combines archival, literature and what is seen in his written letters in his epistles Kamundo Museum with Imaginary and Personal Speeches”. Read the full review

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