July 20, 2024


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Perseverance captures the sound of the 4th ingenious helicopter on Mars

Perseverance captures the sound of the 4th ingenious helicopter on Mars

NASA continues to amaze us with small facts that are great achievements on the scale of the universe. The American Space Agency The ingenuity revealed the sound taken by the rover of diligence as the helicopter took off in the rare atmosphere of Mars. NASA on Friday released new images recorded by the robot as the tiny drone builds its fourth aircraft.

Those in charge of the mission say the record will be a gold mine for understanding the Martian atmosphere.

Diligence records the sound of an ingenious helicopter on Mars

The nearly three-minute video begins with the sound of the wind blowing in the Xero gorge, which is captured by the Perseverance Supergame microphone. When the helicopter takes off, you can clearly hear the sound of the blades spinning at about 2,500 rpm in the atmosphere of Mars. You can see the ingenuity rising, which is about 82 meters from the rover.

NASA scientists processed the audio to make it easier to hear the sound of the helicopter.

We are lucky to be able to book a helicopter over such a large distance. This record will be a gold mine for our understanding of the Martian atmosphere.

David Mimoun, who is in charge of working with the Super Game Mars microphone, said.

NASA is already planning more flights on the ingenious helicopter. It flies farther from the ground and increases ambitions, thus capturing images from the sky of Mars, but closer to the ground.

This is the first time a spacecraft has recorded audio from another on the surface of an alien world.

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