July 21, 2024


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“People will die” during the first missions to Mars

“People will die” during the first missions to Mars

Elon Musk gave more details about one of the Space X goals: to establish a colony on Mars. The millionaire warns that this will not be fun, and that some passengers will die in the process.

Credit: SpaceX

Elon Musk has a dream: to establish a permanent colony on Mars. The billionaire founder of SpaceX hopes to achieve his results in the years to come. However, this will not be the case Not really a pleasure For participants. He provided further details on the matter during a live stream organized with Peter Diamondis of the Express organization.

The boss of SpaceX wants to send volunteers to Mars, one of the most important missions in space exploration history. When Peter Diamondis asked him if this was not a rich man’s hobby, Elon Musk was clear at one point, Not the same as the holidays :

“Going to Mars is dangerous and embarrassing. It was a long journey and you may not be able to come back alive, but above all it was an amazing adventure and incredible experience. (2) Honestly, there may be deaths early on. This is not a trip for everyone, but for volunteers. ”

Elon Musk is at least honest in this regard. However, he wants to emphasize that there is a risk, This will be a historic task.

Elon Musk wants to go to Mars by 2026

NASA (It sends drones to the red planet) In the 2030s he hopes to be able to send men to Mars. Elon Musk, for his part, wants to be more confident And talks about 2026. Prior to that, a lunar base must be installed to serve as the last stop before the long journey of more than six months waiting for immigrants. A sweet dream that we want to believe, but this time is only in its beginning.

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Anyway, Elon Musk is willing to put instructions there, even if it is motivating and risking lives. It is difficult to disprove him at one point: it will be an important stage in our history, at the same level that Christopher Columbus discovered America.