January 25, 2022


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Paulo Sousa’s request for dinner at the Maracana after the games is to speed up physical recovery

Paulo Sousa arrived at Flamengo with his hands already stained. While bringing him to GOAL, the coach applied a series of rules previously seen here, including Rubro-Negro with Jorge Jesus. However, one new innovation caught the eye: the post-game dinner.

According to GOAL, Paulo Sousa asked Flamengo to build a structure in the Maracana so that the athletes could have dinner together after the matches. Dinner may also include families of the athletes.

The technician’s intention is not “simple” fraternity but goes much further than that. The request has been made so that the care of the players’ recovery after the matches is complete.

This is because Paulo and his coaching staff follow the line of physiology which states that an athlete’s meal after a high-performance competition or training directly interferes with the speed of his physical recovery. Therefore, the faster they eat, the faster they will be able to recover physically.

The post-training lunch requirements, as already submitted to GOAL, follow the same line. The goal is not to have more control over what the athlete eats, but rather to speed up physical recovery.

Paulo Sousa arrived at Flamengo on Friday (7) and faced a huge immersion in the Ninho de Orobo. On Tuesday (11), he drove without first field training, since last Monday (10), the day was dedicated to medical and physical examinations.

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