August 7, 2022


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Pass-through is not possible and you will need a fully compatible PC

The Redmond teams make it clear that the update will not even be downloaded unless a computer meets the requirements of Windows 11.

Windows 11

Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

The stringent requirements of Windows 11 continue to pour ink. Not only because these requirements are rejected by a large number of computers, but also because Microsoft is having trouble communicating well In the case. Redmond teams are now making sure that those who do not have the minimum hardware specifications can download the update for the new operating system.

Technical requirements that reject multiple PCs

Problems surrounding Windows 11 often arose after the conference when Microsoft released PC HealthCheck and a tool Minimum configuration required to install the system. First, the software in question has not been finalized. But many PCs do not work: DPM 2.0 is mandatory and the list of compatible processors is limited.

Aria Carly, Microsoft’s manager, recently explained in a question-and-answer session that group policy does not ignore the use of Windows 11 compatible hardware verification. We will prevent you from updating your unsupported device because we want to make sure your equipment is compatible and secure. “, Did he announce?

An uncompromising position that guarantees “compatibility” and “safety”

So Microsoft is taking an uncompromising stance on the minimum requirements to run Windows 11. To do this, it hides behind “compatibility” and “security”. If a system does not meet the minimum requirements, the update for Windows 11 will not be downloaded. Windows Update will check the system and display a compatibility notification. ” The system can automatically determine compatibility before wasting the download ”Says Area Carly.

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However, Microsoft previously stated that it would analyze the compatibility of 7th generation Intel and AMD Gen1 processors, which are not applicable today. This indicates that the outlook may change again during the visit The final version of the OS scheduled for this fall.

For now, the version of Windows 11 can already be tested on the Dev channel, but The first beta should not be long.