October 1, 2022


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Parallax Pixel 6a Case by Caseology: cute sage green and 3D honeycomb pattern – OREFOLDER

Caseology kindly submitted the “Parallax” case of the Pixel 6a for review. Of the three colors, I chose bright green.

The 3D honeycomb pattern on the back is elegant, the side has a non-slip cube pattern, and the camera part is higher so it is well protected.


Caseology Pixel 6a Case Parallax

The Parallax Case for Pixel 6a from Caseology is a TPU case designed with three patterns on the top, middle, and bottom, separated by a silver band in the middle. The center honeycomb pattern is 3D and feels comfortable to the touch.

Looking inside, the design looks like a series of circles. It absorbs shock well.

Caseology logo etc on the bottom inside. By the way, Caseology is also another brand of Spigen. We develop design based on the sense of “urban feel” in the city.

When I actually wore it, I had the impression that it was a size up. The size was 157.2 mm x 76.8 mm x 12.3 mm, and the impression of vertical and horizontal size was almost the same as a 6 pixel.

The back is higher than the camera, which prevents the camera from hitting the ground directly if it falls. In addition, the steps other than the camera section are also small. (The side of the screen is also slightly higher than the screen.)

It’s 12.3mm thick, so it feels thicker than expected, but it doesn’t bother me too much in terms of its ease of grip.

The side is the type that covers the button part.

Looking at the part of the button from the inside, it is only convex there, so that the button can be pressed reliably.

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The bottom of the side, only the hand-supported part, is non-slip. It’s not rough here either, but if you look closely, it’s a cubist style. It is good to have a design in such detail.

The USB port and speaker part are removed. The USB port is cut wide so that the slightly larger connector works fine.

The rear stock is marked with a silver stripe at the bottom. At this point, the honeycomb pattern changes to an approximate pattern. Because of these design changes, there is no cheap feel that is common in flat cases. Well, I can’t even say it’s luxurious.

Caseology Summary

Case study I will summarize the good points and bad points of Parallax.

good point

  • Elegant honeycomb pattern
  • The back camera is also protected by a step
  • Unique shock-absorbing mechanism
  • There is anti-slip only in the hand position and the grip is perfect

Not very good

  • Thicker to protect the camera part
  • The feeling of the overall size becomes larger
  • Interference may occur depending on the glass film

When I first put it on, a little air got in, probably because it interfered with the glass film. It disappeared when I pushed it out, so it wasn’t a problem, but if you’re using thicker film of glass, this may be the case.

Not only is it a good design, but surprisingly I like the non-slip grip on the side. The overall size and thickness will increase, but this grip makes it easy to hold, so you don’t have to worry about that.

I wasn’t used to using it with a holster, but surprisingly I loved it. I would like to continue using it.


By the way, Pixel 6a color wise, does it work for me? That’s why I chose green wise, but if you think about it, you won’t be able to see the back because of the casing, so the original color doesn’t matter. Also available in matte black and midnight blue. Anyway, it’s good to have a different color from the original and enjoy the change.

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