February 6, 2023


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Other studios were also interested

Other studios were also interested

A few days ago, Sony announced Developer Housemark Acquisition As it is known, it no longer belongs to the PlayStation Studio. Interest in the studio came from other directions, which is why Sony had to make a quick decision.

This is what Housemark founders Ilari Guttinen and Michael Haveri said In a recent interview, But do not disclose who potential buyers are. The “Regular suspects“, Which[iscalled[அழைக்கப்படுகிறது

“These are important players in this field from China, Sweden and the United States. I have to say, there was a special spring behind us and it feels a little surreal that we were in competition. “


The decision to join the PlayStation Studio, says it gives the company the financial freedom to be one of the best gaming studios in the world. This enables Housemark to create newer and more ambitious new gaming experiences than ever before.

Acquisition talks with Sony began in early 2020, according to Housemark, but its growth Will return More priority. Therefore, this decision was not made immediately, which is known to take into account Sony as well, which usually sees the success of the latest products before the final acquisition.

What’s next?

To Will return, Without DLC support, Housemark is now dedicating itself to a new project that should be even bigger and more ambitious with the help of PlayStation Studio. In addition, to Will return Show what’s next from the housemark – in other words, the housemark DNA of smooth play, access and a specific addictive factor.

It will be a few more years until that happens.

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