September 30, 2023


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Order Products and Keep for Free: This is how you can use Amazon Vine as well

Order Products and Keep for Free: This is how you can use Amazon Vine as well

To counter fake reviews, Amazon has introduced a program for product testers. As part of the “Amazon Vine” program, testers rate selected items and then write a review; The product can then always be kept. You can read all the information about Amazon Vine here.

Amazon Vine provides product testers with free products that they can rate and then review on the online retailer’s platform. Customers often learn about reviews from Vine members because the reviews are particularly detailed and comprehensive. They are designed to be rated by users as either “helpful” or “not helpful” and serve as a guide before making a purchase.

The reviewers are not Amazon employees, but select customers who have been accepted into the “Amazon Vine” club. In principle, every Amazon customer can receive and evaluate free products online.

Amazon Vine: Join by invitation only

Amazon Vine members can try Amazon products for free.

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You cannot sign up for Amazon’s Vine by yourself. Amazon customers are identified and invited after an internal selection process. The invite is based on your previous reviews you’ve written on Amazon and whether and how many other customers have rated it “helpful”.

If you want to be invited by Amazon or have already been invited, the following is expected from your reviews:

  • The review must be done within 30 days of receiving the product.
  • The comments posted should serve as a helpful guide before purchasing and should therefore be written as objectively as possible.
  • The evaluation may be positive, negative or neutral and must reflect your honest opinion.
  • The more recent the review, the more likely it is that Amazon will notice you. The same applies to the number of your ratings; The more you review, the greater the chance of becoming a product tester. The exact number you need to call is unknown.
  • If you receive products, you don’t have to fear any other payments. Amazon will then tell you if you eventually have to return the product.

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