September 26, 2022


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Opening of the 14th season of "Apex Legends", users are puzzled by the strange "Replace Legend" error.  THE DEVELOPER RESPONSE - AUTOMATON

Opening of the 14th season of “Apex Legends”, users are puzzled by the strange “Replace Legend” error. THE DEVELOPER RESPONSE – AUTOMATON

Respawn Entertainment announced on August 10, “Apex Legends]The new season “The Hunt” has begun. In the same season, Vantage will participate as a new legend. The Kings Canyon map has been modified, and the legends and weapons have also been modified. It seems that a strange bug has been added.

Credit will join the battle as a new legend in the new season of The Hunt. A sniper fights alongside bat echo. The map has been modified from Kings Canyon, and a new region, Relic, has been added. Relic is an area where Skull Town, a popular area in the past, has been revived through “salvage”. In addition, the map has been modified throughout.

It seems that an unprecedented and strange bug has been added. Several users encountered this error. Publish clips.

In the video above, Newcastle activate their ultimate ability. Jump and spread the castle wall…or so I thought, but for a moment it became transparent and created a different breath. No matter how you look at it, it’s Mirage’s ultimate ability (ULT). However, every decoy has a Newcastle look.

In the post below, Newcastle jump and deploy a shield…without releasing a boost. No matter how you look at it, it’s Valkyrie’s ULT. Apparently, there seemed to be an error in randomly substituting the Legend’s ability. The corresponding legend is not only Newcastle, but Ashe uses Luba’s tactical ability,causticValkyrie’s ULT is used. This is a mess.

Reddit Overseas Bulletin Board users seem to be having fun while being confused by this bug. Among them, as Limited Time Mode (LTM) and April Fools’ Day eventI want you to carry outAlso the sound. On the other hand, it is considered a great element of the game.indicateThere is also, as the user himself states, it is also possible that Dome Shield suddenly exits Wraith.

Additionally, it was published by developer TrelloApex TrackerSo this issue has already been created as an investigation card. It appears that progress is being made. According to the name of the card, the process on the legend selection screen appears to be the cause of the error. While the legend switch bug is interesting as a picture, it may not be possible to enjoy normal gameplay at the moment. This is an area that requires immediate action.

The 14th season of “The Hunt” of Apex Legends begins today.

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