May 27, 2024


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Only with luck and patience

Only with luck and patience

PlayStation for Christmas? An Xbox on your wishlist? This can be tricky, especially in online trading.

Almost always sold out

Anyone who wants to keep an updated video game console under a tree for Christmas will need a lot of patience – and a little luck. At least the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are currently sold out, so new products are only occasionally available. It looks great with the Xbox Series S, the weaker sister model of the Series X and Nintendo’s Switch – mostly the new OLED model is the only one sold here.

Pre-ordering is usually not possible

“None of the dealers announce in advance when they will receive the new consoles,” said Petra Frolich, editor of “Only a few dealers can make pre-orders or waiting lists – even there you can already calculate that there will be none by Christmas.”

Classic business trips

For example, unlike Apple, Sony and Microsoft do not have their own sales channels for their products; Sales are almost exclusively through electronics and toy retailers. If you have time, you can do classic business instead. This is very promising, and sometimes personal devices are still in stock, says Frolich. “Not only in electronics stores, but also in toy retailers, for example. (Dpa)

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