December 7, 2023


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Only clear vision is real vision, innovative technology enables accurate eye measurement, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Only clear vision is real vision, innovative technology enables accurate eye measurement, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Glasses should not only look good, but should be perfectly adapted to the needs of the eyes above all. Photo: Rodenstock, DJD

Only clear vision is real vision, and innovative technology enables accurate eye measurement

DJD, October 25, 2022

Every German second must go to one of the most important #senses Rely on expert knowledge and skills. who – which #Look – or better: the sharp vision – of more than 43 million people in Germany at my fingertips # optics and eye measurement methods, which can provide various accurate results.

Sharp vision increases this #wellness

if #lenses Not at all appropriate, affected people notice it right away. If it partially matches the eye, it is usually not noticeable. It is often the case that eyeglass wearers whose glasses are not optimally fitted are not aware of their visual potential. Affected people usually only notice that their eyes tire more quickly or that they become unsafe due to poor vision at night. This does not exactly lead to good well-being. Vision is one of the most complex processes in the human body, with the eyes moving about 250,000 times a day. The worse the information sent to the brain, the more difficult it is to see. It is therefore important that the lens fit the eye perfectly. In order to do this, measurement is critical.

Biometric accuracy for sharp vision

Anyone who has ever used glasses knows the traditional eye test with trial glasses. With this, optometrists determine the four conventional standard refractive values ​​in order to manufacture an eyeglass lens based on them. These values ​​include spherical force, cylinder force, axle and addition. However, there are more important values ​​to see. These include corneal topography, eye length, and pupil size. New and innovative technologies such as DNEye #Scanner Rodenstock also measured these values. They take into account that each eye is unique, for example in its shape or # break force The #lens. Optometrists using a DNEye scanner can be found online. The scanner creates a personal data log from several thousand measurement points, from which the biometric eye profile is calculated. Thanks to these precisely measured individual parameters, it is then possible to manufacture eyeglass lenses that perfectly fit the eye in question. This way, eyeglass wearers can see sharply even in twilight or other difficult lighting conditions without having to strain their eyes excessively.

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